Artcaffe Coffee & Bakery | Battle of the Baristas
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08 Dec Battle of the Baristas


Nurturing Kenyan talent is at the heart of a recent competition held for Artcaffe trained Baristas and looking for a new superstar to represent the company and Kenya in the Africa Championships.

Current Africa Barista Champion 2016 Martin Shabaya has been training the potentials and put them to the test on December 1st at the Dormans Coffee Training Centre.

He says: “The idea of this competition is not only to select top baristas to represent Artcaffe in the National Barista Championship but also to promote coffee culture in Kenya.
“My core role is to train the baristas on international standards so that they become fit to compete not only locally but in the world at large.

“The winners are fully dedicated to the profession – a sure show of better results in the future. My advice to them has always been encouraging them to do a lot of research, practice and growth of passion that’s so important to the competition.”

The special guests included the Coffee Board of Kenya and Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA), who enjoyed music and entertainment, the art of a good latte and a prize giving.

Third runner up was Sheila Mwaura from Artcaffe Garden City, second runner up was Dalmas Akoto from the Oval, while first runner up was Patrick Muthee from The Hub. The overall winner was Dominic Kedemi of Village Market.

10The top four proceed to the Kenya National Barista Championship (KNBC).

Other accolades included:

1. Best espresso – Village Market (Eunice Okeyo)
2. Best cappuccino -Village market (Dominic Kedemi)
3. Best presentation – The hub (Patrick Muthee)
4. Best signature drink – Village Market (Dominic Kedemi)