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So you have sipped the brown stuff while having your steak or at Happy Hour with the boys or girls. But how well do you really know your Bourbon? Are you a connoisseur of the finer things in life? Nothing says refinement and class like...

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08 Dec Battle of the Baristas

By SJR Nurturing Kenyan talent is at the heart of a recent competition held for Artcaffe trained Baristas and looking for a new superstar to represent the company and Kenya in the Africa Championships. Current Africa Barista Champion 2016 Martin Shabaya has been training the potentials and...

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26 Oct Discover Frankfurt – Medieval and Modern

  Frankfurt am Main commonly known as Frankfurt has a plethora of cultures, restaurants and well maintained historical buildings and museums that let you experience the rise of Frankfurt as a city both in the past and present day. Usually people view Frankfurt as the hub of...

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26 Oct Kiwi Melon Sangria

Try this Summer Cooler on a warm Nairobi afternoon. Ingredients: - Fresh Melon balls (scoop carefully) - Fresh Kiwi fruit slices - Chardonnay wine (chilled) - ½ cup Grappa - 2 Cups sparkling water - 1 Lime juiced - 2-4 tablespoons honey Method: - Place melon balls, kiwi slices, honey, lime juice & grappa, mix...

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26 Oct Paradigm Shifters of Our Time

By Amondi Wendo - They are some of the most influential people of the recent past. They have changed our world, transformed technology, created innovative business models and affected the way we relate to one another. They are businessmen, artistes, inventors, researchers and captains of industry. Their...

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26 Oct Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs

In 2004, Steve Jobs asked Walter Isaacson to be his official biographer. Isaacson is a former Managing Editor of TIME magazine, and chairman and CEO of CNN who has published biographies of Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin and Henry Kissinger. Yes Steve Jobs had a huge...

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26 Oct French Rye Bread

Why Rye? In today’s fast paced world, it’s usually difficult to keep to a healthy diet with the right amount of nutrients to keep us fit and healthy. However, recent research has proven that traditional rye bread has what it takes to keep our bodies fuelled...

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26 Oct Anytime, Anywhere, No Excuse Workout

By Amy Selbach – I am passionate about the fact that you can always find time and a place to work out, even if you only have a couple of square meters at your disposal. There are a number of workouts that you can do right at...

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26 Oct Designed to Win!

Gathered in the room was an eclectic mix of individuals whose casual style and innate confidence exuded the same self-assured poise that marked the character of one of the most lauded tech wizards – Steve Jobs. Held between June 2 and 6th at Moscone West in...

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