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26 Oct Designed to Win!

Gathered in the room was an eclectic mix of individuals whose casual style and innate confidence exuded the same self-assured poise that marked the character of one of the most lauded tech wizards – Steve Jobs.

Held between June 2 and 6th at Moscone West in San Francisco, the 2014 edition of the much anticipated Apple Design Awards (ADA) brought together some of the most innovative brains to grace the world of technology.

The 5,000-strong legion of developers and special attendees gathered to celebrate this year’s finalists and, perhaps, gauge their own projects against what was considered by Apple Execs as the golden standard in iOS and OS10 applications.

After watching presentations on the new staple of Apple offerings – iOS 8, noted as the largest update since the release of the App Store, and OS X Yosemite, which features a beautifully redesigned interface, the time finally came to announce the 2014 Apple Design Award Winners.

The winning apps were selected based on 3 criteria:

Design – which laid emphasis on ease of use, familiarity of the interface and consistency in elements.

Tech – fluid utilization of iOS frameworks and OS10 compatibility, quick launch, use of the latest hardware and responsiveness of the app

Innovation – Unique implementation that showcased the developers fresh take on pre-existent tech

The winners included a wonderful mix of students and highly experienced teams from various companies and organizations whose apps were built to improve our lives or simply entertain in more colourful ways.

Winners would receive the entire range of Apple’s current products, including a 27” iMac, iPad and iPod touch and the coveted trophy Apple Cube, which is touch sensitive and changes colour on contact.

All together, 12 apps winning apps were showcased while their developers stood proudly on stage to receive their recognition.

Here is a brief highlight on 6 of these amazing apps:

1. PanoPerfect by Half Peeled and Two Bros.


This student entry was impressive – the app is perfect if you love panoramic photos. It allows people to share photos with an option to download hi-resolution images and explore photos shared by others as well as like, comment and re-share.

2. Addimal Adventure by Teachley


This app was developed by an all woman team who are former graduates of Columbia University, specializing in cognition and technology in education.

They set out to help young children learn basic single digit addition and worked with Sesame Workshop to create a colourful and fun user interface especially for kids.

3. Leo’s Fortune by 1337 + Senri


This cool game took the platformer genre to a whole new level.

The graphics are amazing, with great attention to detail and dynamic backgrounds including perspective views, sound effects and a fun soundtrack. The app also boasts easy integration with touch and iOS frameworks.

4. Day One by Bloom Built (Mac App)


If you have a busy lifestyle and are constantly inundated with ideas during work, then this is the app for you!

Simple and easy to use, this journaling app is a pop up window on your desktop that allows you to jot down ideas with the option to include sound, video and photos.

It arranges all the notes in a chronological order allowing you to keep track of things as they happen.

The app includes hash tags, map integration, built in notifications for meetings or project deadlines and inspirational quotes to keep you motivated as you work.


5. Blek by Kunabi Brothers


This game is minimalist and yet very eye catching. Utilizing the best in form and function, the game challenges users to connect coloured dots while avoiding the black dots. It sounds easy but is quite difficult to get the correct gestures to win.

This one stood out for “fit and finish”.

6. Yahoo News Digest by Yahoo


The app won for packaging information in an easy to use, easy to view interface that allows people to digest the headlines at the swipe of the hand.

The user interface is simple using bold colours and fine typography and layout. It also integrates various additional perks like video, maps, twitter feed and posts related to the topic. It also allows the user to share stories on their social networks.

They interestingly distinguished between the night edition and daytime edition by using black and white backgrounds respectively.


Other winners in the Mac and iOS app categories included:

• Threes by Sirvo
• Device 6 by Simogo
• Monument Valley by ustwo
• Storehouse — Visual Storytelling by Storehouse
• Sky Guide by Fifth Star Labs LLC
• Cinemagraph Pro by Flixel Photos (Mac App)

For more information, and to download the apps, explore more here: