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26 Oct Discover Frankfurt – Medieval and Modern


Frankfurt am Main commonly known as Frankfurt has a plethora of cultures, restaurants and well maintained historical buildings and museums that let you experience the rise of Frankfurt as a city both in the past and present day.

Usually people view Frankfurt as the hub of banking and business in Germany and Europe. But Frankfurt has an array of things one can do, see and discover…


Visiting The Dom

This is Frankfurt’s main attraction and dates back to the 14th Century. Its late Gothic tombstones and renaissance frescoes have survived the ages in this red bricked Cathedral in Frankfurt’s historic centre. In spring and summer, climb the Kaiserdom’s 324 stairs and enjoy the wonderful view of Frankfurt or visit on Sunday to listen to some organ music and special service.

Goethe House (Geothehaus)

The house in which the legendary writer Johann Wolfgang von Geothe lived in his early years has been restored with many of his family belongings. It gives a great insight into the poet, author and politician’s life.

This wonderful house was destroyed in World War 2 but was rebuilt after the end of the war and refurnished with the belongings that had been stored.

Visitors can explore the extensive library and puppet theatre in this central Frankfurt town house. Across the street from the Goethe house are portraits of him by friends including Caspar David Friedrich.

The Main Tower

The tower is one of the highest buildings in Frankfurt. It is 200 meters tall and has a 360 degree view of the city, open to visitors both day and night. Clear weather is best suited especially at night to get a vivid view of the night lights of the shinning city. The best thing about The Main is that it has a restaurant and a bar, so you can enjoy a drink or dinner with the magnificent view.


Other Attractions:

Paulskirche (Saint Pauls Church)

This church serves as the cradle of Germany’s democracy. It was used for political meetings and became the seat of the first freely elected German Parliament In 1848. Today, the oval shaped red brick church is Romerberg Square which hosts both concerts and exhibitions.

The Ebbelwei Express

The Ebbelwei express is an old tram that starts at Alfred Brehm Platz and rattles and chugs past Frankfurt’s attractions every weekend. Cider Apple wine is served on board and you can hop on or off at any stop.

Frankfurt Zoo

Centrally located, Frankfurt Zoo has a good reputation for keeping animals in conditions that resemble their habitat as closely as possible. Visit the darkened Grzimek house to watch nocturnal animals in their natural habitat.

Museums of Modern Art

The likes of Lichtenstein and Warhol share the walls with German artists including Beuys and Ruthernbeck at this museum. Dubbed the “slice of cake” because of its triangular shape, it offers leading contemporary exhibitions.

Shopping Spree

Zeil street is known for its Shopping malls where you can find high-street fashion and department stores, including the eight floor Zeilgalerie. There are chi-chi jewellery shops on upmarket Goethestrasse and more offbeat fashion on Berger Strasse.

Quirky second-hand shops hide in the narrow streets of old-fashioned Sachsenhausen. For exotic goods, browse the covered Kleinmarkthalle market and take home some Ebbelwei, local apple wine. Most shops are open 9am-7pm on weekdays, close earlier on Saturday and are shut on Sunday.

Eating Out


It offers local flavors of Frankfurt, such as hearty local meat dishes. You can also get a taste of the refreshing local drink, Cider Apple Wine.

Grosse Bockenheimer Strasse

Locally known as “Fressgass”, this culinary mile of restaurants is a treat to the palate, giving options ranging from Frankfurt sausages to Asian dim-sum.

Frankfurt Nightlife

Frankfurt has everything from ultra-chic cocktail lounges to vibrant live venues, not forgetting the popular taverns like Dauth Schneider in Sachsenhausen.

It is also the birthplace of techno. It was here in the 1980’s & 90’s that the DJ’s began to play a harder version of acid house. This genre exploded from the local scene to dominate a worldwide following.

Ostend is the city’s most happening area where derelict factories have been turned into thriving clubs and bars. Fechenheim offers cutting-edge dance tunes that will keep you on your feet all night.

Most bars close at 2:00 am, but clubs stay open till late.



German is the predominant language, though there are english speakers too. For ease of travel, be sure to sign up for a few lessons at the Goethe Institute, Nairobi or carry a German-English dictionary to help you communicate.

Frankfurt’s Weather

Frankfurt thankfully has relatively mild winters, while summers are not as hot as in other parts of Germany. Spring comes early and it usually stays pleasantly warm long into autumn.

When to go

From May to August the city is pleasantly warm 20 degrees Celsius – 24 degrees Celsius (68 F – 75 F), while winter temperatures can drop to around 5 degree Celsius/41 F.

Bucket list

Make sure to catch these sights and sounds of Frankfurt.

− Opera Frankfurt
− Old Sachsenhausen
− Museum Embakment
− Heidelberg

Travel Tips

A day ticket is a good option if you want to make extensive use of public transport and is valid for U-Bahn trams and buses.

The 1 or 2 days Frankfurt Card is a great bargain as it offers unlimited free travel on public transport as well as free or reduced price entry to various sights around the city.

How to get there

KLM has daily flights to Frankfurt from Nairobi. Visit the KLM website for more details on travelling to this amazing city.