Artcaffe Coffee & Bakery | French Rye Bread
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26 Oct French Rye Bread

Why Rye?

In today’s fast paced world, it’s usually difficult to keep to a healthy diet with the right amount of nutrients to keep us fit and healthy. However, recent research has proven that traditional rye bread has what it takes to keep our bodies fuelled with the right stuff.

Made from wholegrain flour, our bread is 50% rye made in the French style using sour dough that gives it a great taste and texture. It is high in nutrients and fibre which aids in digestion, with high amounts of water giving a faster feeling of fullness. Rye has a lower insulin trigger than most types of bread. It is also good for lowering cholesterol, reducing risk of stroke and naturally lowering stress levels. Lignan found in rye is a natural estrogen which reduces menopause symptoms and protects against breast cancer.

With all these amazing health benefits, isn’t it time you introduced our Rye Bread into your diet?

Where can you buy it? Art Bakery Bread Shops are open every day from 7:30 to closing at every Artcaffe branch at Village Market, Junction, Westgate & Galleria.

Big French Rye Bread 540/-
Half French Rye Bread 380/-
Small French Rye Bread 190/-

Want to order? Call our main bakery to place your order in advance on Tel 020 7120654. Orders must be made before 3pm.