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In June 2008 our journey started with when Artcaffe opened its doors at Westgate Mall. With that flagship location we sought to bring a first truly European model of coffee and bakery to Nairobi. Through delicious signature dishes, cocktails and events, we have evolved into the definitive Kenyan dining experience.


More than a restaurant, Artcaffe is a lifestyle and a social hub in the buzzing capital of Kenya. We are firm believers that dining is about so much more than food. We feed the Kenyan story. The bread has nourished us and the wine enlightened us. The brand has become synonymous with unique design, use of space and environment that’s created THE Artcaffe experience.

Inspiration which is motivation
Loyalty which is devotion
Obligation which is commitment
Veracity which is reliability/honesty
Ethics which is our moral values.
Appreciation which is positive reception
Respect which is esteem
Team – spirit which is harmony/unity
Client – centricity which is customer care
Authenticity which is genuine
Fortitude which is strength
Fairness which is equality
Excellence which is superiority, distinction or quality

What we do

Artcaffe is a full service bakery, coffee shop, bar and casual dining restaurant,open daily from 7am to midnight that targets customers of all ages who care about quality, ambience, community and value for money in the products they consume and their experience.


We freshly bake artisanal bread and pastries, we brew real Kenyan coffee, craft signature cocktails and lead the way in modern casual dining in Kenya. Under the Artcaffe group we operate five different Kenyan brands with over 20 locations across the capital city of Nairobi.

Each part of the city has its own unique demographic and our restaurants reflect this through their own style, premium offers and events calendars.


  • We are unique because of our ability to provide fresh, great tasting high-quality food consistently in a relaxed yet modern environment.
  • We standout because of our commitment to sophisticated service; where our staff are attentive, warm and knowledgeable.
  • We are able to transport our guests to places around the world through our products and atmosphere unlike anywhere else.

Artcaffe has been consistently rewarded by our industry peers for food and service, cuisine and being the best café and bakery.


Current titles:



Artcaffe is the only restaurant chain to be awarded the prestigious Superbrand status in East Africa. Artcaffe was honored as a Superbrand for its commitment to performing above and beyond others in our industry and market. The Superbrand experience has postioned us as the market leader in   hospitality consistency, quality and attention to detail amongst restaurants in the region.


Taste Awards – 2015-16

Most Popular Continental WINNER
Most Popular Café or Coffee House Runner Up
Most Popular Vegetarian Runner Up

Chef’s Delight


The Chef’s Delight Awards are unique awards who’s aim is to build-on and enhance the quality of experiences and delivery customers receive in Kenya’s Restaurants & Bars, through a 100% confidential consumer-feedback mechanism.
In 2016 Artcaffe won 3 Awards:
• Best Coffee House & Bakery,
• Best International Cuisine Restaurant
• 2nd runners up in Best Cocktail Bar & Lounge


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