Artcaffé is a full-service and on-the-move bakery, coffee shop, bar, and restaurant for all ages. We offer freshly prepared, high-quality and simply delicious food consistently in a relaxed yet sophisticated setting. From a quick Grab & Go or a morning meeting as you beat the traffic, to a coffee catch up or long lunch with friends; from meeting up for Happy Hour with colleagues or enjoying a delicious date-night dinner – our restaurants are versatile and welcoming to all…we are here for you every day, and every step of the way! 

We bake fresh, artisanal bread and pastries; we brew real, rich Kenyan coffee; we craft signature cocktails and we lead the way in modern casual dining in Kenya.

Even more than good food and great people, Artcaffé is about the atmosphere. Nairobi is vibrant and diverse, and each Artcaffé restaurant has a unique design and distinct style suited to its part of the city. You know you are in the heart of the city and the hub of East Africa when visiting Artcaffé.