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07 Jan Artcaffe Coffee Cup Competition

We would like a great design for our new take away coffee cups. We would like two kinds of cups:

Regular and Christmas themed cups (There should be some differences between the designs). The
cup should use our colours and logo it can be printed in full colour, and the lid can be in black or
white. The design needs to be stylish, timeless and just different from the rest.
The Artcaffe Coffee cup competition is open to art and design students and professionals. We are
looking for a talented and open-minded designer who can think outside the box.

Requirements :

1. 1/2 inch horizontal space must remain clear on top and bottom
2. Cup design will only be printed in full colour, one of which must have the Artcaffe brand colours: Magnolia & Dark Brown
3. Manipulation to the Artcaffe logo is not allowed.
4. No gradients glitter, metallic or translucent paints can be printed.
5. Participants must create an original design and submit via the e-mail  by 28th February 2019.
6. A maximum of two design samples will be accepted per entry.
7. Designs should be submitted in AI, PDF, EPS OR JPEG

The owner/s of the winning entry/s will be notified directly and winning entries will
become the property of Artcaffe Coffee & Bakery Ltd.


1. Winner of the cup will have their name and design printed on a limited Artcaffe Coffee cup edition.
2. Winning entrants will receive a Gift Card voucher.
3. Cash Prize of 100,000/-
4. The top entrant stands a chance of working with us on 3 months internship.
Get Inspired drink a cup coffee and let your ideas flow.

Download Coffee Cup Template     Download Logo