1 lb salted cod fish, soaked overnight to remove salt

1 large potato

½ medium onion, finely chopped

2 scallion, finely chopped

10 sprigs thyme, leave removed from stem then finely chopped

A small handful of cilantro, finely chopped

2 cloves garlic, finely chopped

½ wiri wiri pepper, finely chopped

1 egg

Oil for frying

Yield: 10-12

**The thyme, garlic, cilantro and scallion can be replaced with 2 ½ tbsp green seasoning

Peel the potato and cut into cubes and place in a pot with cool water and then cook until soft.   Strain, then mash using a fork until there are no more lumps.

Using a fork, flake cod fish into fine bits.   You can also pulse it a few times in a food processor to speed up the process.

Next add codfish, mashed potato, 1 egg, onion, scallion, thyme, cilantro, garlic, pepper in a large bowl and mix to combine.   Place a heaping spoonful of mixture into your palm and form a patty.   Set aside, then repeat with the remaining mixture.

In a frying pan over medium low fire, place enough oil so that it’s approximately ½ inch deep.   The oil should be enough to come up halfway the side of the salt fish cakes.  When oil is hot, add salt fish cakes and fry for 5 minutes per side until golden brown, turning once to make sure the other side gets brown.  

Remove from the oil and let drain on a plate lined with paper towel.   Serve warm.