This is the green issue and we are going to look at an address from Dominican Matthew Fox who is a former Catholic Dominican Monk, theologian and author of more than 30 books.

Fox is best known for his Creation Spirituality, which embraces Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Sufism and Native American teachings on how to live in harmony with the universe and nature.

In his keynote talk at the Creative Field Project conference in September of 2011, Fox presented eight steps for ushering in the next stage of our evolutionary consciousness and here we look at four of them.

  1. Learn to integrate.
    Science points to the truth of interconnectivity and interdependence. “Current scientific thought is a gift to our un-derstanding of consciousness, Fox said. Matter is nothing more than “frozen light” — really slowly moving energy. The universal name for divinity in the world is Light. In fact, we each carry the lineage, the story of the whole universe itself. Recognizing that everything in the Cosmos is light helps us realize that we are aligned and interconnected with the Universe.
  2. Compassion.
    A universal truth, com-passion is taught by all major religious teachers. Compassion was important to bond with others because of the need to care for a family. The essence of compassion is the belief that what happens to another, whether it be joyful or sorrowful, happens to me. With the truth of our oneness comes the realization that I am not just me. “We need to trust our self hood enough that we can mingle with the self hood of another,” Fox said. This trust allows us consciously take care of our environment in its entirety.
  3. Re-marry the divine feminine and the sacred masculine. “Women have been doing their inner work, [and they] deserve more evolved men,” Fox said. “The Goddess has been returning for 40 years; she’s back and she’s pissed” (global warming, famine and drought). Our greatest chal-lenge today is not coming from another empire; it is our own destruction of the planet. The mascu-line principles (explore and exploit) in us all has tortured earth for its secrets. It’s time to take care of Mother Earth.
  4. Education about spirituality.
    Our educational model neglects justice, art, creativity, spirit and too often, science. We’ve followed the rationalistic René Descartes in our approach and emphasized the truth in the head, to the neglect of the truth of the heart and the lower chakras. Fox proposes a new curriculum that emphasizes the head knowledge in the morning and pursues the arts and creativity in the afternoon.

At the core of Fox’s philosophy of education are the Ten C ’s : 

  • Cosmology and Ecology
  • Contemplation and Meditation
  • Creativity
  • Compassion
  • Courage;
  • Critical Consciousness and Judgment
  • Community
  • Ceremony
  • Celebration and Ritua
  • Character