I am energy in human form. I came into being when un-manifested conscious energy that lay in the void of nothingness (no-thing-ness) chose to manifest and experience itself as me.

I am on Earth to consciously experience the wholeness of who I am: the trinity of body, mind and spirit; oneness, other-ness and the diversity of creative human expression.

I am also here to consciously experience the contraction and expansion of inhaling and exhaling, of being and becoming, of giving and receiving. I am an organism that is a minuscule cell of the Earth’s organism, which is a minuscule cell of the sun’s organism, which is a minuscule cell of the universe’s organism. My experiences are uniquely my own, but they are also part of the collective experience of my family, my community, my world, my planet, my universe.

The essential substance of the energy that I am is pure consciousness. Being energy, I can be wherever my consciousness chooses to be. No matter which path I take, it will lead to experience, until Spirit chooses not to be me in any specific material form, and returns to the void of nothingness (no-thing-ness). What is left of my earthly being will return to Earth, and will be formless again.

Molecules form and dissolve, returning to the primordial soup of atoms. But consciousness survives the death of the molecules on which it rides. What was once a bundle of energy in a sunbeam turns into a leaf, only to fall and change again into soil. The change of state crosses many boundaries. A sunbeam is invisible, whereas leaves and soil are visible. A leaf is alive and growing, whereas sunbeams aren’t the colors of light, leaf, and soil are different, and so on. But all these transformations exist as constructs of the mind. The actual energy present in the sunbeam experiences no change at all.Deepak Chopra, from “The Way of the Wizard: Twenty Spiritual Lessons for Creating the Life You Want”Every living being is far more than a physical being.

Every living being is also an energy being. Each individual is composed of a system of energy fields which interact with each other and the environment they interpenetrate. The universe is permeated by these fields and a human being can be thought of as a localization or concentration in the universal field. The Taoist call this field the Tao. The Buddhists call it Brahma. Local fields not only interact with the universal field, but they interact with each other. Each thought, emotion and action can be viewed as an energy discharge radiating from a localized field, i.e. a person’s personal energy field. The focal point from which energy radiates into the universal field we experience as “self.” Our personal energy field “self ” as well as everyone else’s personal energy field resides and receives nourishment from the universal field. That is why on the inner levels we all are connected to one another.

Keith Sherwood, from “Chakra Therapy for Personal Growth And Healing”The energy fields are created by two elements, one electrical and the other magnetic. These elements are the sun or spiritual side of ourselves, and the Earth or magnetic/biological element of ourselves ... How we create an energy field so much resembles a tree, that the Indigenous people call trees ... Our energy fields act similar to a skin. They protect us from all kinds of radiation and magnetic resonations that occur naturally and sometimes unnaturally in our world. They also read the environment so that we know how to respond appropriately (even one-celled bacteria have an energy field that does this). Because we are constantly reading the environment, then our energy field can communicate our intentions to others. Finally, the energy field helps us to connect to others so that we don’t feel isolated and alone.