Using only the highest quality ingredients, Artcaffé creates a delicious variety of fresh meals – from wholesome dinners to cheat treats, vegetarian and vegan dishes to comforting food, and long-time favorites to tantalizing new dishes.

Cheers to you. From imported wines and crafted beers, to colourful cocktails and signature mixes...With Artcaffé, there is no better way to end a long day!

Artcaffé’s expert bakers have long perfected the art of artisanal baking. ArtBakery is the heart of Artcaffé in Nairobi, offering perfect pastries and artisanal breads made afresh using traditional French methods and first class ingredients. From our best-selling croissants – buttery with beautiful layers – to our healthy range of whole wheat and rye bread, we bake with love and passion and guarantee freshness and flavour.

Order in from our Artcaffé delivery menu and enjoy happiness at home -  made fresh, delivered fast.