It’s International Coffee Day today! Start the new month with coffee in one hand and confidence in the other!

Coffee is more than just a drink…

It’s an invigorating pause, a rich moment,

a lifestyle, a movement & a culture

of enjoyment and delight,

motivation and inspiration.

Today marks a celebration that brings us coffee lovers together in a shared appreciation for our morning hug-in-a-mug…and what better way to celebrate than with our NEW signature Artcaffé coffee blends


Artcaffé Mount Kenya blend is sourced from the Mount Kenya region - a landscape rich with fertile organic soils with just the right conditions to grow first class coffee beans. Each delicately balanced cup is the result of careful selection and processing by our coffee experts. This bold blend has intense and rich aromatic flavours of caramel and apricot, underpinned by sweet berry and wine notes. The perfect balance of sweet and acidity.

Artcaffé Breakfast Blend is a delightful blend of select East African coffees. The flavour profile begins with lively tangerine, finishing with hints of beautifully toasted Macadamia nuts. This unique blend has balanced sweetness, mild aromatics and low acidity...the perfect way to start your day.

You can now purchase our Artcaffé Breakfast Blend and Mount Kenya Coffee on  


As you enjoy your Artcaffé cup of coffee today, inhale its aroma, taste it’s rich and full-bodied flavour and enjoy the vibrant flavours of Kenyan coffee…