MARCH 2022

We all know great ideas start with a great cup of coffee, and this is how the Artcaffé journey began! With the art of the brew...

We’ve been crafting the perfect cup of coffee for the last fifteen years to share our coffee culture secrets with you - celebrate mindful moments and create a movement of energizing enjoyment and invigorating inspiration.

This March, we’re going back to the heart of Artcaffé, and bringing you limited edition coffees and hot chocolates that are rich, creamy and oh so dreamy!

Hot or cold, milky, nutty or chocotaly…be sure to try out all our amazing NEW flavour combinations at your nearest branch, and don’t miss out this March!


Rich & nutty

Hazelnut infused milk with our Mount Kenya Espresso blend sprinkled with chocolate

All things sweet

A blend of caramel infused chocolate in a creamy mocha latte

Light & refreshing

Cold, creamy and infused with light vanilla

Dark & decadent

Hot chocolate with double the chocolate!

Sugar & Spice

Creamy hot chocolate with masala sprinkled with cinnamon

Creamy with a kick!

Hot chocolate with and a perfect pinch of chili