MARCH 2022

Perfect the art of the brew at home this March, with our delicious coffee culture essentials!

From our freshly ground blends and beans, to our sweet and fragrant coffee syrups, to our new bamboo take-away cups…

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Artcaffé Mount Kenya Espresso Coffee

Sourced from the foothills of Mount Kenya, this bold blend has intense and rich aromatic flavours of caramel and apricot, underpinned by sweet berry and wine notes. The perfect balance of sweet and acidity.

Artcaffé Breakfast Blend

The flavour profile of our Artcaffé Breakfast Blend begins with tangerine, finishing with hints of beautifully toasted Macadamia nuts. This delightful and unique blend of select East African coffees has balanced sweetness, mild aromatics and low acidity…the perfect way to start your day!


Coffee Syrups

Elevate your morning brew with your favourite flavours for a fragrant and delicious coffee infusion! Whether nutty and earthy Hazelnut, rich and creamy Caramel or light and sweet Vanilla - our coffee syrups are the ultimate coffee culture treat!

Travel Coffee Cups

Our reusable travel cups are a simple and stylish way to enjoy your coffee on the go! Made from bamboo, they come in two different designs and sizes - 350ml for the ideal morning cuppa and 470ml for those days when you need a caffeine kick!