Artcaffe Coffee & Bakery | Freshly Baked Everyday
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Art Bakery. Freshly Baked.


Fresh Food Delivered To
Your Doorstep.


Open Everyday from
7am to Midnight


1+1 On All Cocktails Everyday
From 4-7 pm.

SEMA is an African hero on a mission to empower today’s generation of children with the skills and confidence to change the world. Artcaffe and Kukua have teamed up to promote Sema apps which aim to help children improve their reading skills by teaching them the letter sounds through a fun and interactive game.
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Our largest outlet is now open on Kenyatta Avenue with spectacular design and beauty right in the heart of the CBD open from 7:00am – Midnight. Happy Hour cocktails ready to set the mood and keep the party going till midnight.

We are proud that our coffee comes from the Fairtrade scheme; it means that we can be confident that the farmers who grow our beans are getting a fair price and a sustainable source of income. Order in outlet or purchase our prepackaged ground coffee. Together, let’s empower and support Kenyan coffee farmers.


Help us serve you better by giving feedback get a chance to be on our exclusive Artcaffe customer advisory board.Serious consideration for this role will be based on the knowledge of the brand, depth of your responses and passion making Artcaffe even better!

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