We opened up the artworks to public voting for a week on the 24th of September, and appointed an esteemed panel of judges, all renowned creatives in their own right, to help with the final selection of the best designs for #ARToftheCity 2020.

Meet the judges…

One Off Contemporary Art Gallery

One Off Contemporary Art Gallery in Nairobi hosts a selection of the best works in modern East African art. Curated by Carol Lees, the gallery aims to represent some of the most established artists in Kenya, many of whom they represent exclusively, along with associate artists from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Sudan and Rwanda.

Annabel Onyango

Annabel Onyango is a Nairobi-based Fashion & Interiors Stylist. Her passion for Kenyan-made craftsmanship and art has defined her career as a curator of style, and made her a go-to resource for local designer brands.

With over 12 years of experience, Annabel has styled a wide range of media productions: international commercials (Guinness, Smirnoff, Safaricom), artists (Sauti Sol, Vanessa Mdee), and editorials (Glamour Magazine U.S.).

Stints on tv as a judge on Africa’s Next Top Model and Citizen TV’s Fashion Watch, as well as features on CNN and Vogue have cemented her as a style authority on the pan-African fashion scene.

Her spirited Africanism, tastemaker status, and global charm make her a unique and necessary component of Kenya’s creative landscape.


“The city is my gallery, and street art is for everyone to enjoy.”

Bankslave is a versatile visual and graffiti artist well known for using his art as a voice for social change. Born in Nairobi, he has travelled the world making murals of all kinds. His messages, often political, have made headlines in Kenya for pushing boundaries using art. He enjoys making portraits of prominent individuals that have inspired many with their lifetime achievements.

Alfred Nganga

Alfred is an artist from Nairobi who creates art for a living, to heal and to have fun. Mural and canvas are his favourite mediums, and his inspiration comes from wildlife, the streets and coastal areas. He loves to combine the beauty of the earth with the beauty of the people.

Alfred was commissioned to paint the beautiful mural on the walls of our Bakery & Logistics Centre, and we are honoured to have him on our panel of judges.