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Dear Customers,

We thank you for your years of trust and loyalty. Artcaffe has been a leader in health, hygiene and food safety for over a decade. We strengthen our systems and processes every year and have achieved some of the highest certifications in the industry (e.g. ISO 22000[1] for bakery, production and logistics). We want to assure you we are taking the current Covid-19 situation extremely seriously and would like to update you on some of the steps we are taking.

For the last month, we have been consulting with global experts and restaurant chains on the best practices around hygiene and Covid-19 prevention and have already fully implemented these in our restaurant and delivery services. We have ensured that our standards are at or beyond the levels recommended by CDC[2], WHO[3] and local government[4]. We will continue to monitor these and other sources and adopt new guidelines and best practices into our operations

Some of the measures already taken include:

  • Specific training related to this event has already been conducted with all our staff.
  • Increased frequency of handwashing and sanitizing of all employees.
  • Increased frequency of deep cleaning and sanitizing in all our establishments.
  • Increased frequency of cleaning of high touch areas with specific antimicrobial agents.
  • Hand sanitizers are available at all key points in our outlets and we are encouraging all visiting guests to use these on entry and exit to any outlet before and after dining.
  • Supervisors will be conducting daily checks for any symptoms on our employees & anyone with any symptoms will be requested stay at home and follow the government directive.
  • We are working with our delivery team and partners to ensure we can provide an in-home dining experience with food safety and hygiene all the way to your door. We are implementing “leave outside door” option.
  • We have equipped all our outlets with the latest information from global experts and government agencies and encourage our customers to follow the same guidelines and updates.
  • We will be increasing the spacing between the tables in our restaurants to ensure greater social distancing.
  • We encourage our customers to follow government guidelines and updates.[5][6]
  • We realize some families will be spending a lot more time at home and we will be launching a range of additional dine at home menu packages and options.

All our outlets are open and as always, our food is available for delivery through our direct channel (0709202020) and multiple delivery partners (Uber eats, Glovo, Jumia).

Our goal is for our restaurants, supply chain and home delivery options to be the safest, cleanest and most hygienic in Kenya. We are obsessively focused on that goal so you can be focused on food and fun. We aspire to create a relaxing and safe respite in a tumultuous world for our beloved customers.

The Artcaffe family


[1]  ( ISO 22000 for central distribution facility.